Structuring The Page

Enter your text within these row/column divs. Add headings (as semantically appropriate), images, tables, etc.

If you wish to alter the page to display multiple columns (on medium and/or large screens; small screens will remain single column), either

Styling the Content

To save space on this new page template, a separate page has been created to display the various styles used in this site design. To view the style results, open the following in one or more browsers: If you would like to see the underlying code that was used in the styling, either use "Open Page Source" in the browser itself or open the stylesample.htm page in Dreamweaver. If you open the page in Dreamweaver, do not override the checkout and make any changes to the page. The stylesample.htm page is for reference only.

Styles Not in the Site Design

If you would like to style some content in a way that has not already been created, contact Bruce ( to add the style to the stylesheet as its own class. Once created and in the stylesheet, you will be able to appy the class to your content to render the new style. Please refrain from creating styles in the document head or inline.